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Lake Forest Pediatric Associates, Ltd.

Please call our office (847-295-1220) for assistance with registering for the patient portal.

Please Note:  This portal is NOT intended for urgent healthcare concerns or requests for medical advice.  If your message is regarding an urgent or life threatening healthcare concern please call 911 immediately.  If you are seeking medical advice or your message is time-sensitive please call our office at 847-295-1220.  This portal is intended to be used for NON-URGENT, administrative messages (appointment requests, messages for our administrative staff etc.) or medication refill requests. The portal is checked daily but it is not monitored continuously throughout the day. You can expect a response to a message left via the portal within 1-2 business days. Thank you.

Using our secure portal you will be able to:

 Manage personal and insurance information

 Send messages to our clinical staff

 Manage appointments

 View your immunization records

 Request a prescription refill

 Pay your bill